Best Practices for Marketing to Hispanic Consumers

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With the role they play in the consumer market, Hispanic consumers contribute to one of the most significant segments ethnically. This includes Hispanic and Latino consumers in the United States, which is statistically expected to grow further over the next few decades. By the year 2050, the projected Hispanic population will reach 133 million and will account for 30% of the nation’s population. 

Hispanic vs Latino

Hispanic and Latino are often used interchangeably, even though they don’t mean the same thing. Hispanic refers to the language while Latino refers to the location. Latino can refer to spanish-speaker as well, but only people from Latin America. It’s worth noting that not all Latinos speak Spanish, for example, Brazillians speak Portuguese, therefore are not considered Hispanic. It’s important to know the differences and be cautious how you choose to reference them.

 Be Culturally relevant

It is essential to understand whom you are targeting and make sure that your message is relevant and relatable. It involves understanding the diversity across demographics. For example, your messaging in New York will be much different from your messaging in Houston, as different communities have differing quirks, features and cultural preferences

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