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Our expertise enables us to assess all aspects of your marketing. For example, our experience includes websites, marketing campaigns, and even SEO strategies. We conduct analysis on a discipline-by-discipline basis. This means that each marketing facet of your audit is given proper attention and time for solving.

Our team ensures the compilation of data in a way that is clear, concise, and justifies our recommendations. We account for the most important requirements of the company, allowing for differentiation between what is urgent, and what is moderately important. As a result, companies can focus on what’s most important at the moment.

Looking out at the Landscape

For many start-ups, determining the competition can be daunting. It’s especially difficult when you’re still figuring out your own business model. Larger companies who’ve been around a lot longer already know who their competing against. They have entire teams dedicated to assessing the ever-changing landscape to stay afloat in their respective markets. However, one thing all businesses struggle to see are the long-term shifts in the landscape. It’s easy to assess new marketing tactics, and even customer behaviors. But what about the subtle things? The growing trends you sense on a day-to-day basis? Companies able to gain a hold on those subtleties can put them farther ahead than they realize. 

Bringing in new faces brings in new perspectives. Our team looks outside the box to discover what’s not so obvious. We are dedicated to learning your industry, and combine that with our digital knowledge/experience. Furthermore, we do the research and provide the insights to empower you and your business. Alpha Co. can help you discover what’s new, what’s working, and what could use improvement. Our digital audits ensure that your business can thrive in the present and prepare for the future.

Digital auditing should answer one simple question: what’s really going on here?

Digital auditing covers a multitude of aspects. They can include changes in sales, website traffic, or a desire to asses the landscape of a particular market. It’s understandable why companies are hesitant to go into auditing. No one wants to see a long list of things wrong with their company. Moreover, a list of problems with no tangible solutions to match. Alpha Co. seeks to unearth a business’s pain points, in order to relieve that pain. Our goal is to assist and empower businesses to make the big decisions. We combine intellect with tech savviness to provide an uncompromising all-around service. This allows us therefore, to maintain mutual understanding with businesses as well as keep pace with the company’s needs.

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