Digital Strategy

Provide the online experience that attracts customers, converts prospects, and retains clients. 


You know you can sustain your business by providing excellent service.

Today, you have to communicate your message consistently across platforms as well. Your audience is constantly making judgements about the experience they will have based on not only your business but also how your business presents online.  Should they buy from you? Should they refer their friends? Should they leave a review? Will they come back?

Choice has led to increased expectations on service; with so many options why waste time with a subpar experience. Online you don’t have the opportunity to “Wow” your clients with that hands-on feel. How do you provide an online experience that isn’t just functional, but makes your clients feel taken care of.

At Alpha Co. Marketing & Media, bringing the human element to an increasingly disconnected world is at the core of what we do. We are passionate about delivering experiences that make people feel connected to you, to your business, and to each other. 

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Experiences Matter

First impressions matter. Today, whether they found you through a referral or its the first time they are hearing of you people’s first impressions are often online. These impressions are lasting and meaningful and can inform whether someone will leave a review, refer a friend, or decide to work with you at all.

Alpha Co. Marketing & Media was founded by individuals with over 10 years of online marketing experience. From running Social Media Campaigns to developing new websites everything we do is with one goal in mind: provide an online experience that makes people want to work with you and then make them want to work with you again and again. 

Creating human experiences for your audience is about knowing what your users want, eliminating barriers to action, and infusing your personality into the process. 


Strategizing for Success

At Alpha Co. Marketing & Media, we look at your companies entire brand in order to create a digital strategy. This means getting to know you, your business, your clients, and your goals. We want to determine and understand what moves the needle for your business, what drives your clients to action, and what keep them coming back.

It is also important for us to know your market and your competitors. We need to know what works for them, what the expectations are in your industry, and what they are doing to try and set themselves apart. By understanding the competition you can better position yourself as a leader at what you do.

For us, the most important thing is understanding You. After we know you and your clients we dig into the data. By leveraging technology we are able to better understand what drives clients to action, and how to provide and efficient and cost effective solution for you.

There is no template. By taking the time to understand your business as if it was our own and putting together a strategy that meets your needs we lay the foundation for success. 



Digital Strategy Creation


Thinking of the User

You know what they say about failing to plan. And planning is absolutely essential to everything we do in experience design – ensuring our strategy is implemented, and that design and development are set up for success. 

Once we get a sense for what makes your audience tick, our information architecture and user experience department uses that information to build out personas – representative examples of your different customer groups, with context and background about them.

Personas are essential to our planning process, because they ensure each and every feature we recommend helps your audience accomplish a task they need to do. And when we define the tasks each persona will need to complete on site, we ensure each task is broken into subtasks so that scope is clearly defined during planning.

But the real test isn’t what we think of our planning – or even what you think of our planning. It’s what your users think.

That’s why we are passionate about putting our prototypes in front of users and getting honest feedback about them. Do they work? Are they confusing? Can users perform the required tasks quickly and easily? User testing is the simplest and best way to cut through opinions and get to real answers – ensuring your stunning web or app designs are built on a solid foundation of outstanding user experience.