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The typical question we have from our small and medium business clients is “How long until I see results? How can I measure the success of this campaign? How will this bring me more money than what I put in?”. These types of challenges inspire us. We know sales funnels like the back of our hands and know how to drive the customer from awareness to purchase in lots of industries: personal injury law, immigration law, family law, dental, pain management, family medicine, you name it. 

But in order to keep customers coming and old customers to be recurrent, we need to establish a thorough review management system. Restaurants, e-commerce products, doctors, they live by reviews. We assist in the deep organizational changes that need to be made in order to constantly deliver perfect service and capture the reviews according to it.

With our thorough analytics, we filter and map the customer to understand how his mind works and how he experiences the brand. After this, the solutions are apparent and with our consultative approach, we drive solutions that increase the brand’s value exponentially.

Most of our large clients hire many marketing agencies, one for SEO, another one for Social Media. However, they have a hard time integrating the brand image, promotions and products throughout the entire array of digital assets. Through our integrated approach to digital marketing, we see and portray brand values, images, and products seamlessly throughout the customer experience. 

This work is especially important with our implementation of Spanish SEO and Spanish Social Media, since we have to be coherent with the brand image and values not only in the English digital assets but also in the Spanish versions of them, while adapting the brand and the culture to each Hispanic market we’re targeting.

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Points of Action

What’s most important to consider about digital transformation is that it varies across industries. Real estate and roofing companies are affected in a different way than non-profits. As McKinsey indicates, most companies look at digital transformation when trying to transform their internal processes into the digital world. Digital transformation affects every industry, for example, in the insurance industry, most things will be digital. Although regulations and the size of companies around insurance have prevented the growth of digital, nonetheless many systems have been implemented that drive this business completely online.

From digital quotes to marketing automation tools to find discounts in clients services, the digital transformation has affected the insurance industry turning it upside down.

Depending on your business model, we will see different opportunities in your area and in your products and services. Before people found you with magazines, newspaper articles and billboards, now, they find you with blogs, sponsored content in digital newspapers and YouTube display ads.


Walk the Walk

Through the use of customer journey mapping, we understand all the touchpoints that your customer has with your business. There we get to understand the opportunities that lie in marketing in your business and industry and work with the top-level technologies to bring that into reality.