Google Maps: Tips for Growing Businesses

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Are you showing up on Google Maps, are you First on the list?

How to show up on top of Google Map Results

There are two main ways

  1. Being the best profile in your area

  2. Google Maps Ads

Let us explore how both of these ways can be obtained through SEO services. Google maps work similarly to Google’s search engine. When looking for a store or place, the first results that are presented to the user are those that are most popular in the area or have been placed there through Google map ads. If you are not an already established business on maps and are looking to increase your Google maps presence read on for more tips.

Tanking on your Google Maps Local area?

Google maps are similar to a social media profile for business, and the best, most engaged with profiles show up first.

A person can be searching for your business on google, or google maps now, and not find you, but rather other stronger profiles in the area that provide the same service or sell the same merchandise. Investing in your Google map ads will help increase the likelihood of people seeing your business which will ultimately bring in more traction.

Make a Profile on Google My Business!

Making a profile is easy. The following link will allow you to have a full profile with logo, photos, website, verified phone number, business hours. But why do all the work? With Alpha Co. Marketing, our highly specialized team will work with you to build your Google My Business Profile. We do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to! You can focus on providing the best services and while we make sure your business is found and is gaining new customers and clients.

The Importance of Reviews!!!

As a social profile, social proofing is paramount, you should include the asking and generation of Google map reviews to your customers and clients, every chance that you get. Not only is Google maps important to generate leads, but Yelp is important also because apple maps use Yelp for iPhone users that are logged into the native iPhone maps app (navigation). We can help you generate reviews and leads, contact us here____ for a discovery call.

Google Maps Ads

If you want to show up on top of map results by the same day, or within 24 hours of reading this, we need to get you on Google ads, and set up your Google maps Ads. We begin with setting up accounts and extensions, to ensure that you have a verified Google My Business account. Through that, we can start driving online traffics, such as calls, website clicks, order services, or products directly when users engage with their maps app Your business will start showing up when people are looking for your service keywords.

Bilingual Google Maps

At Alpha Co, our specialization in our market is bilingual SEO. We can optimize your account to show up to potential customers in multiple languages, in addition to English, if this is something that is part of your business strategy. Businesses have seen an increase in clicks and engagements by having a great maps business account, getting reviews, ads, and multi-linguality, which ultimately creates a business social media presence on the google maps app, that you will be getting consistent web and mobile traffic for your business.

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