Holiday Advertising

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Holiday Advertising

The most significant month in the world of marketing and advertising is the month of December.

It’s obvious that when planning out the advertising budget, more resources should be allocated to the end of the year because of the major increase in sales due to holiday shopping. This basically means that the advertising competition in December turns into a battleground.

With that in mind, most retailers expect a substantial increase in their sales in holiday seasons. How can you effectively market your product or service so you stand out from the crowd?

Important Tips for Holiday Advertising

The key factor when it comes to holiday advertising is timing. It’s what determines your success the most. Some people start early, some people just arrive late to the party. But there’s not an exact date to start the ad campaign, it depends on what you’re selling and the audience you want to reach.

Advertising needs to be culturally relevant. For this to be accomplished you need to study your customer’s behavior. If you target a generation Z consumer you know you have to do up-to-date content preferably on mobile mainly because this generation does everything online. The baby boomers are more likely to make a purchase physically, so your ad campaign needs to be different. Studying your consumer behavior data is key to understanding how to target them.

Some sellers might find that December is not their holiday season. If you sell costumes, your month will be October or if you sell jewelry, your months are January and February. That’s why timing is important for holiday advertising.

Holiday Advertising during COVID-19

This year forced everybody to go digital. Even doctors offer telehealth appointments. COVID changed things and is one of the most relevant topics still. Businesses should include pandemic related advertising. Since the pandemic affected the entire world, it’s something that relates to everybody.  

By saying this, I don’t necessarily mean that you have to talk about the pandemic, it’s to offer content that shows activities you can do during the pandemic. This article does a great job explaining how to adapt your holiday advertising to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you want to start an ad campaign for the holiday season but have no clue of where to start, at Alpha Co. Marketing we can show you how, click here and ask for a free consultation.

Snippet: With the month of December being the biggest holiday for sales, companies increase their advertising budget to have an edge over their competitors. This article will show you why holiday advertising is so important, ask for a free consultation.

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