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Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States. Home to beloved sports teams such as the Astoro’s and the Rockets. A city full of unique opportunities and influential people that shape the business narrative. Your goal? Be the first to come up in a search engine to make your mark in the one of a kind city that is Houston, Texas.

SEO, search engine optimization, is your company’s ability to be that first link in a Google Search. In a large city like Houston, SEO is vital to breaking through the noise and getting to where potential customers can see you. This is done by making strategic use of keywords, such as emphasizing the city of Houston.

Naturally this means using the word Houston multiple times on the website, both in content and in the design of the website. But, also terms such as H-Town, Texas, or even mentioning some of the iconic symbols of the city. Making use of SEO in Houston is all about linking your company to the city.

An easy place to make use of keywords on your website is in the “About Us.” Mentioning that your based in Houston, but also why Houston. Have each company member answer a question about why they love Houston, or their favorite Houston sports team?

Need a fast and easy social media post for your company. Grab dinner with the co-workers and post a tweet that’s indirectly all about Houston.

Tweet: “Nothing like celebrating another week conquered than amazing dinner and drinks at our favorite #Houston spot.”

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