Juntos Crecemos

PepsiCo’s Initiative to Help Hispanic-Owned Small Businesses

Alpha Co. Marketing & Media is proud to support PepsiCo’s Juntos Crecemos $50 million Platform that is aimed at strengthening Hispanic-owned small businesses across the U.S., addressing foundational business challenges, and supporting business growth over the next five years.

Juntos Crecemos is part of PepsiCo’s Racial Equality Journey Hispanic Initiative, a $172 million set of commitments launched in October of 2020 to uplift Hispanic businesses and communities. The company recognized the disproportionate effects of the economic fallout during the COVID-19 crisis, which only laid bare the systemic inequality that impacts communities of color.

About PepsiCo Juntos Crecemos

PepsiCo Juntos Crecemos is a multi-faceted platform to help Hispanic small businesses, specifically restaurants, bodegas, and carnicerías, overcome the impacts of the pandemic by providing access to capital and business support services. Recent surveys discovered that Hispanic-owned businesses were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many struggled to keep afloat. Unfortunately, these businesses were less likely to receive Paycheck Protection Program loans, making it harder to overcome all financial obstacles presented by the economic crisis.
Through Juntos Crecemos, PepsiCo aims to help Hispanic small businesses overcome these challenges through the Hispanic Digital and Delivery Program and The PepsiCo Foundation’s IMPACTO Business Accelerator. Help includes grants, mentoring, tailored marketing support, access to capital and operational assistance to enable immediate and lasting improvements.

About Hispanic Digital and Delivery Program

The Hispanic Digital & Delivery Program is a personalized, expert consultation designed to provide immediate and lasting improvements to restaurants, bodegas and carnicerías. Selected businesses will work with our team over an eight-week period to level-up delivery logistics, technology, marketing and SEO. Alpha Co. Marketing & Media has been working closely with small businesses in the Houston area to help Spanish speakers improve their online presence and better market their services since 2019. Thanks to our bilingual digital marketing expertise and partnership with Figure 8, we were invited to serve as advisors and provide small businesses with tailored support on PepsiCo’s behalf. During the next five years, we will leverage our bilingual digital marketing knowledge and experience to help many businesses grow. That will include consultations, close mentoring, digital marketing education, best practice recommendations, performance tracking, and more. Alpha Co. Marketing and Media is proud to participate in this program and provide expertise on SEO and digital marketing, along with our partners, Figure 8.

How to Join Hispanic Digital and Delivery Program

If you are interested in joining the HDD program, the applications are still open. You can do it by visiting the Juntos Crecemos website, clicking on the “Apply Now” button, and filling in a short questionnaire. If you are selected to participate in the program, you’ll be notified by PepsiCo, and Alpha Co. Marketing and Media will be delighted to work with you on behalf of PepsiCo.

To learn more about our partners, Figure 8, visit their website and discover how they are working to transform the food delivery business.

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