You have been in business for a while and have invested in developing a website to advertise your services and establish yourself as the industry leader that you are. You know you have a top-notch product, but you aren’t getting the attention it deserves online. What is wrong? You are missing a key ingredient: a local SEO strategy. Read along.


What Is Local SEO?

Any business with a physical location or serving a specific geographic area can benefit from a good local SEO strategy. Local SEO is what helps you be more visible in local search results on search engines like Google.

As the name indicates, Search Engine Optimization is about ‘optimizing’ your online presence to attract more business and increase brand awareness.


Optimizing Your Local Online Presence

The ABC of optimizing your online presence is:

  • Create a Google Business Profile
  • Find local keywords by anticipating different searches
  • Create amazing content that is relevant at a local level

Say you live in Webster, TX, and pulled a muscle on a run. Naturally, you’ll pull out your phone and do a Google search for “pain management clinic in Webster.” Since your system knows where you are, Google will provide the most relevant results, usually presented on a map, as shown in the picture.

Google map results page indicating local SEO keywords.

How Do I Find Keywords for My Local SEO Strategy?

As Google and search engines evolve and become smarter and smarter, when creating content for your business you can think about your end user. This means that you can tailor your content to what your local customers are looking for.

💡 Pro tip: When coming up with content, think of creating marketing activities that go beyond what your business is selling and create value for users.

So, in finding local SEO keywords, put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What do you think you would search for? What would someone search for if they wanted to find a business based on location? It is questions like these that help you become the first result to pop up in Google’s “local pack” results.

Here are some examples of local SEO keywords if you were an Italian restaurant in Houston:

  • Food near me
  • Food in Houston
  • Houston restaurants
  • Pasta Houston
  • Spaghetti Houston
  • Best Italian Houston
  • Italian restaurants near me

You need to be among the first answers to these questions. Seems simple enough, right? Whereas it is something many businesses take upon themselves to do, many turn to specialized marketing agencies to do this. This is precisely because a professional knows the ins and outs of SEO and can take this on while the businesses keep focusing on developing their products and services without the extra work.


Looking for the Best SEO Agency in Texas?

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Now is the time to start getting the leads from Google Rankings that your business deserves.

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