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We at Alpha Co. Marketing & Media have a strong focus on dentist marketing. We strive to bring patients to your door that follow the entire patient cycle from when they begin searching for a dentist up to the point where they leave your practice where we prompt them to give you a review.

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1. Patient acquisition

We have a strong lead marketing focus. This will bring phone calls and form fill-ups to your business. We do this with Facebook and Google ads in both English and Spanish.

2. Appointment set up

Through our sales auditing process we combine different specialties to check if your customer service and responsiveness is good to maintain and set up the largest number of patient appointments as possible.

This includes call recording software and regular quality control sessions to evaluate and train your team to make sure they’re up to the challenge.

3. Review management

We create many touchpoints for the patient to leave a review for the business, as well as training your staff to get as many as they can.

Review generation and maintenance is one of our key performance indicators.

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