Marketing to Houston Hispanics – It Isn’t About Just Speaking Spanish

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Hispanic customers are exponentially growing in purchasing power and marketing to Houston Hispanics is now more important than ever. Today of all ages, it is crucial for digital marketers to comprehend what it takes for reaching this essential customer section and building a comprehensive marketing strategy that is effective, thoughtful, and appeals to their particular preferences and interests. At Alpha Co. Marketing & Media, we have dedicated our career in marketing to Houston Hispanics. As per the Selig Center of Economic Growth, its buying power stands at a tremendous $1.7 trillion in 2020.

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However, if there is one theme we have seen resonate as a professional marketing company, it is the important role of the Spanish language – its several uses, besides the realization that cultural identity predominates knowing the language. An important insight – around half of the second-generation Hispanics are bilingual, compared to just 23% of third-generation Hispanics. Below, we have offered some important tactics and strategies that you can implement to be successful in this market, developed around their preferences and interests in digital content, how they connect with their culture, and the type of ads that resonates most with them.

Use Online Videos and Share Them Across Mobile Phones

In terms of entertainment, Hispanic customers enjoy variety, especially when it is in the form of online videos. On average, they visit around 9 different apps, websites, and services to view such content thirty days. This offers a big opportunity for ambitious marketers to incorporate a multi-faceted digital content strategy, wherein language can be strategically used across different touchpoints. Moreover, content that speaks to their culture is popular among Hispanics, whether or not they are fluent in Spanish. Hispanic customers are promptly replacing TV, spending most of their time consuming online content. Moreover, they have become a mobile-first generation! Over the past few years, the time spent by them on mobile videos has increased by 53%. It is even higher for Spanish-dominant people, with 94% who watch online videos at least once every week. It allows them to watch videos wherever they are and whenever they want, and that’s a huge opportunity for marketers.

Know Your Target Audience – Tap Into Cultural Connections of Hispanics

Most of the Hispanic customers feel connected to their values and heritage. Culture is a lifestyle that is reflected in the way they act, what they watch or listen to, and how they communicate with one another. There are, however, some nuances between different generations. Over half of Hispanic customers are of the millennial age. These age gaps impact many cultural factors, including cultural identity, language attribution, battling stereotypes, and more. Content should be customized according to their specific interests and requirements. This implies using more ads in the English language, but with a more powerful emotional and cultural connection. Posts that are playful on cultural experiences or videos that are fun to watch can be extremely effective. Whosoever is the audience, always show relevant scenarios and tug at tall the heartstrings. Conversely, the third generation is comfortable with both cultures, having brought up primarily in English-dominant society, and yet greatly connected to their heritage. Also, while assessing language fluency and acknowledging the fact that about a quarter of the third generation Hispanic population is bilingual, marketers should understand that content that is primarily in the English language will be appreciated by them. There are also a few unique instances where the use of Spanish language scales across different generations. Hispanics spanning 3 or 4 generations may live in the same house, which means there will be daily interactions between children, parents, and grandparents. In the digital marketing industry, people use social media as a medium of cultural connection to promote their brands. As Hispanic people use different platforms for communicating with friends and family, you can grab the opportunity to reach them where they are most active.

A Tip to Advertisers – Be Relatable! It is more about than just Translating Commercials

Here is some music for your ears – the Hispanic community is extremely receptive to advertisements! More than half of millennial Hispanics appreciate ads targeted to them as Hispanic people. So, where’s the catch? Marketers should offer a true picture of what exactly it means to be a Hispanic, one which speaks to both American culture and Hispanic traditions. Your content should be strongly curated and aimed at cultural identity beyond just focusing on language only. With a substantial median household size and great spending power, the Hispanic community is loyal to brands and businesses they like, which makes a perfect opportunity for marketers to explore. Unfortunately, many brands try to reach this market by including additional budget in their existing marketing media plan. This is not the wisest move, as this audience must be targeted differently. Instead, marketers must identify barriers, and be thoughtful and careful while creating strategies for this particular audience.

To summarize, Hispanic marketing requires a thoughtful application of the following:

  • Use videos, however, and wherever possible, and spread it across mobile phones. Whether you are creating a brief parody piece, a long-form feature, or a 30-second promo ad clip, use video for capturing the attention of every kind of mobile device that you can.
  • Know your target audience! Are they Spanish-dominant? Are they second-generation? Or third? What do they like to read? If you don’t know who you are talking to, you’ll not know how to talk to them. At Alpha Co. Marketing & Media, we see customers and their particular interests from their perspective and we offer unique insights on how to target the right audience.
  • Be real and credible! The Hispanic community is closely connected to their culture and heritage, but that is not all that defines them. It is equally important to identify where their differences lie! At Alpha Co. Marketing, we have a bilingual workforce that knows how you can successfully engage the Hispanic audience by streamlining your marketing efforts to highlight how you are culturally relevant to them.

Conclusion Marketing to Hispanics has been an area of discussion among ambitious marketers, but there have not been diligent efforts as they are not aware of the intricacies of this powerful market. Now that you are aware of how you can successfully reach this audience, you can effectively frame your Spanish SEO strategies. However, if you need professional help, you can always seek our expert services. Alpha Co. Marketing & Media specializes in Spanish Marketing and we have experts who know the Hispanic market inside out. We can help you frame strategies that will not only help you reach your target audience but also increase your sales and conversions.

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