Photo & Video Production


Our sales focus is integral and it shows on every video we make.

We keep our videos short and with high impact to produce leads.

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Video & Photography

Imagery is a crucial element of the brand image. Video is progressively favored as a tool for information utilization and entertainment – and that too by Google. A well-round marketing strategy and the brand image includes both.

At Alpha Co. Marketing, we have the visual prospect of your brand covered. We create intelligent vignettes that you can use as a part of your sites, trade show displays, search campaigns, and sales presentations.  From our top-grade photo studio and video creation equipment to our proficiency in coordinating shoots, we take your company to the next level.

Video Production

Attention spans are abbreviating with every passing day. Short-form video (a fusion of stills, animation, video text, and snippets) is increasingly preferred as a medium to give information to users and prospects, and a simple way to leverage the competence of digital media. We offer full-suite video production services to ensure your brand gets the right ammo to successfully deliver its message.


Introduce customers to your brand with authoritative, high-resolution pictures of your products, team, locations, and events. At Alpha Co. Marketing, we seamlessly blend creativity with your marketing goals and objective to create a final product that will deliver great results.  Our team of specialist photographers can add value to your site with top-quality event photography, team photos, and product photography.