Think you are acing your SEO game? Think again. If you are not leveraging the power of SEO services in Spanish, you are only getting half the revenue you could be! Let this article be your checklist of do’s and don’ts of Spanish SEO.

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Reach Out to Your Spanish-Speaking Customers

Translating Your Website into Spanish

When online, 80% of primarily Spanish speakers search and read in their native language. With 47.7 million Hispanics in the US, that’s 38 million people you could be reaching if your website were translated into Spanish!

However, translating a website is more than processing words via automatic translators like Google Translate or Deepl (spoiler alert: they do a terrible job!). When dealing with targeted content and so much at stake, the human brain will always win the race. This is because a human translator knows the nuances of the language and, most importantly, of the culture.

Translation for SEO Services in Spanish

Having a translator who grasps the target culture means that your whole strategy will be organic from the get-go. When building content around keywords (an integral part of your SEO strategy), for example, you should be wary of using the equivalent keyword in Spanish, as sometimes that just might not be the word people use to look something up. Keyword planning in a different language is an independent activity. Think “same intent, different word.”

At Alpha Co. Marketing & Media, we pride ourselves on having a team of bicultural experts who conceive bilingual websites from scratch to achieve the best and most organic results for our partners.

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SEO Services in Spanish: Optimizing Your Strategy

By now, we have established the importance of investing in a bilingual strategy. Now, let’s focus on the specifics of how to make it work.

Optimizing Your Website in Spanish

It may come as a surprise, but Spanish is not the same everywhere. Mexican and Chilean Spanish, for example, differ a lot. This is true to the extent that a new variant emerged in the United States, US Spanish, a mix of the different Spanish variants.

If you are building the Spanish version of your site, the first thing you need to do is to analyze the target audience and choose which Spanish to use to address them. For example, if you are a restaurant and you want to serve your Hispanic community in the USA, you should choose US Spanish. If you are targeting the Mexican market, then you should use Mexican Spanish.

From there on, you will build your strategy around that. Namely, what keywords you are going to use. Now you know, consult with a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO services in Spanish!

SEO Services in Spanish: Optimizing Your Google Ads

Just like you do with your website, now it’s time to apply the same criteria to your Ads. This time, however, you must select other key elements pertaining to your target audience. Not only will the ad be in Spanish, but where are you going to place it? Who will it speak to? Are you going to use the same images as for the ad in English?

Consider all these things when optimizing your Ads.

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    Leverage Social Media Language Tools

    When you engage with your followers in their primary language, you are creating lasting and powerful relationships. For example, Hispanics tend to have a more positive impression of brands that advertise in Spanish.

    In order to connect with them, social media platforms offer a variety of language tools to make your content dynamic and readily available.

    • Facebook’s language tools include an automatic translation option for users. This means that you provide the translation and Facebook automatically provides it to your target audience who uses the app in another language. Additionally, you can add multiple languages for video captions.
    • LinkedIn also has language tools available, and they are extremely intuitive. For example, you can create your page’s profile in multiple languages and target ad campaigns based on language.
    • Instagram supports 36 languages and, since 2017, it has included the right-to-left language support for Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew. Just like with Facebook and LinkedIn, you can create and target ads in Spanish.

    A digital marketing agency that offers SEO services in Spanish is your perfect ally in streamlining and aligning your bilingual campaigns. 

    Why Choose Alpha Co. Marketing & Media for SEO Services in Spanish

    Alpha Co. Marketing & Media is a full-suite bilingual, Spanish-English digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO services in Spanish. Our bilingual and bicultural content writers have years of experience in creating tailor-made campaigns that take brands to the top.

    Partnering with Alpha Co. means delegating your English and Spanish SEO marketing efforts to a knowledgeable team that consistently rises to the occasion and takes your business to new digital (and measurable) heights. 

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