Oye: The US is the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. ¡Sí! You read that correctly! Makes you wonder why you haven’t adopted a strategy including Spanish SEO yet, huh? Ponder no further, now’s as good a time as ever, and we’re here to offer our unique insight to help you succeed.

A Look at the Latino Community across the US

Las estadísticas lo dicen todo:

The latest Latino Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is $3.2 trillion, and the ensuing Purchasing Power is $3.4 trillion. If US Latinos made up a country, they would be the 5th largest economy in the world. That said, US Latinos are not a niche, nor “a market of the future,” as sometimes described. As of now, it is the third fastest-growing economy on the planet, which may soon rival China’s growth rates. Moreover, Latino annualized income growth has outpaced non-Latinos by a 4.7% increase, compared to 1.9%. On top of that; Latino purchasing power has been growing up to 2.4x faster than non-Latino.

What does this tell us? Investing in this cohort is investing in America.

1. Spanish SEO: Resist the Temptation to (Google) Translate

Although Ai-translated content may help us decipher what something means, it is still far from conveying the message and adapting it to different audiences. Merely dumping in the keywords and relying on Google Translate to understand the intricacies of a specific language just doesn’t cut it when it comes to Spanish SEO. This will only make you miss the mark with your targets and therefore become a money pit for your marketing budget.

Spanish-optimized content, in turn, takes a team of savvy natives and translators who know the intricacies of your target audience. This way, you can cater to your target customers in a much more accurate way —and make every dollar that you invest count.

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2. An Image is Worth a Thousand Words: Don’t Ignore Imagery

You are speaking their language, but is the message complete? How are you supporting it? As we so often hear, “Representation matters,” and it is not just a matter of diversity, it is good business sense. Consumers are more likely to invest in brands that they can relate to and create a sense of trustworthiness. This comes in the form of a fully-rounded strategy that includes imagery that reflects them in the message.

When planning your strategy, don’t only think of the words, but how you are going to support them. Are you reaching out to influencers on social media? Find those that the Hispanic community responds to. Are you launching a print ad campaign? See where we’re getting at?

3. Hire a Spanish SEO-Savvy Marketing Agency

Training your team to learn how to market in another language (and therefore, to another culture), takes time —and money. How to go about implementing Spanish SEO then? The market abounds with untrustworthy agencies that use black-hat SEO tactics because they have a short-term mentality. As you may know by now, creating a loyal customer base takes much more than that. And, mind you, with an average brand loyalty index of 151, the Latino community is very loyal. 

In order to tap into the Latino market in the US, then, consider partnering with a trustworthy bicultural and bilingual marketing agency like Alpha Co. Marketing & Media. Our Spanish SEO content writing experts have years of experience in creating tailor-made campaigns that take brands to the top. Delegating your English and Spanish SEO marketing efforts to a knowledgeable team that consistently rises to the occasion is a proven way to make sure you are seeing the return on your investment.

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