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What Makes Spanish SEO Different?

Well, nothing, really. However, there are a few common misconceptions we should address:

  • A translation plugin does not create Spanish-language SEO. A plugin sits on top of your site and simply “translates” (not well, might we add) the content that is already there. Said content is not then included in the “crawl” that captures SEO keywords.
  • Having some translations does not mean that the site is optimized. There are a couple of reasons for this:
    • Often a site will be translated into Spanish, but the images will not have been localized, the headlines won’t be formatted correctly, etc. This means that the content will fail to connect with the target audience.
    • Users whose browser settings are in Spanish might not see your newly translated site because it might still be coded for English. Make sure to put together a comprehensive strategy.
    • Modern SEO is more than just a link at the top of the results page. Modern SEO encompasses Position 0 (when you rank so well google gives you your blurb) as well as a good business profile. If your business profile only shows up in English, what good does that do for your Spanish-speaking customers?

Why Spanish Language SEO?

Spanish SEO isn’t for everyone. If you live in Utah, for example, you probably don’t have a large enough Spanish-speaking community for this to impact your business. That being said, if you live in Texas, California, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, New York, or any area with a large (and likely growing) Hispanic community it makes sense to engage with that customer base. Take Houston for example; 37% of people in Houston speak Spanish as their primary language at home. It doesn’t take complex math to understand why tapping into that market for your business makes sense.

This article from Forbes in 2017 neatly outlines why having Spanish SEO is so powerful:

  • 80% of Spanish speakers don’t feel they need to stop speaking Spanish to be a part of the culture in the United States.
  • 86% of Spanish Speakers believe speaking Spanish helps keep them closer to their culture.
  • When online, 80% of primarily Spanish speakers search and read in their native language.
  • Ads targeting Hispanics in Spanish significantly increase their likelihood of making a purchase decision.

Boosting your sales by ~40% requires your business to invest in Spanish SEO —what are you waiting for?

The Spanish-speaking community may behave differently (and just be different) than their English-speaking counterparts. How that plays out can be simple: In English, someone may search for “Doctor near me” and that same idea in Spanish may translate to “Doctor in my neighborhood.” It may seem like a minor difference, but the devil is in the details when it comes to SEO, keywords, and reaching your target audience.

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