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Marketing to the US Veterans!

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According to the US Census, there are over 18.2 million veterans in the US, and around 1.63 million veterans are under 34 years of age. They are racially diverse have distinct levels of education and income. It is thus essential to be agile, authentic, and accurate while marketing to them.

Military marketing specialist Alpha Co. is a veteran-owned business, which gives us the expertise to build culturally relevant, deeper relationships with this target audience.

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Veteran Discount

Having a mission-authentic approach combined with comprehensive knowledge of the veteran niche market, we offer a special Veteran Discount. Online Marketing becomes more effective with veterans, especially when it involves veteran-to-veteran contact. Veterans often relate to each other through shared hardships! At Alpha Co. Marketing & Media, we precisely know what services they need and bring that experience to the table whenever we deal with our veteran clients.

Eligible Service Branches to Receive Our Veteran Discount’

All the branches of the US military are eligible for our special discount, including:
• Air Force
• Army
• Marines
• Coast Guard
• Navy
• Commissioned officers of (USPHS) the United States Public Health Service
• Commissioned officers of (NOAA) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
• All National Guard and Military Reserves
• Gold Star Families
• Cadets
• Veterans of all branches

Discounts That We Offer to Veterans

When you register with our discount program, you get eligible for:
• Veteran SEO Package
• Paid Advertising Veteran Discount
• Spanish SEO Veteran Package
• Veteran Content Marketing Discount
• Social Media Marketing Veteran Package
• Full-Suite Website Development Veteran Pack

To learn more about Veteran Discount registration, validations, and how you will receive the discount, contact us. You can also ping us at We look forward to hearing from you.