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Digital Business Workshop

Stay motivated, this is the time to thrive.

Our goal is to help educate business owners on how to, if not thrive, survive during lockdown. We believe in our community and believe we have expertise that can help. With over 15 years combined experience in leveraging the internet to conduct business remotely we are uniquely positioned to help more traditional businesses navigate the choppy waters ahead. When interaction comes at a premium, join us to learn, and connect, online.

5 Things you need to succeed remotely

(1) Determine your value or: how do I position my product or service online?

(2) What are the best practices to ensure continued success?

(3) What tools do I need to succeed?

(4) Obtaining new business is hard. It’s even harder now. What do I do?

(5) How to make isolation work for you.


If you have any questions send us an email at if you want any of our consultants to review your website you can send us an email there or sign up for a personal consultation.

Stay motivated, this is the time!

In 1932 when the great depression was going on a gentleman named Henry Ford became number #1.


Learn, become inspired and own your reality. Know that this is the time for opportunity for some who have been waiting for it.

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Stay strong, love y’all and see you in the webinar.


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Date: April 1st from 2 to 4PM CT.

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Art Meets Science

While you can and often should advertise to raise awareness, pushing out messages will only get you so far. Brands need ways to attract consumers’ increasingly scarce attention, and that means providing memorable experiences – content your audience would enjoy no matter who produced it.

But the challenge isn’t just quality — it’s relevance, too. Not only do you have to create exciting content, you also have to deliver it to the right people at the right times and in the right places.

Brands that pull this off position themselves for success, even in today’s noisier-than-ever market. Brands that can’t, however, risk getting lost in the fray.


Creative Heart, Strategic Brain

You can’t just put any old content out in the world, and you have to put it in the right places when you do. Even the best content will underperform without a plan, and a great content strategy still needs to be executed. That’s why come prepared to do both.

Our marketing framework makes content creation the core of a data-driven, human-centric process. We start with the brand story and absorb all the data we can to understand the audiences it speaks to. We look for opportunities to tell that story in new ways, or to solve specific challenges – whether that’s educating an audience, making an emotional connection, or making a point in a new way.

From there, we create immersive campaigns from the ground up, building loveable experiences across the right platforms. By the time something enters the wild, we know what our goals are, who our audience is, and what we intend to achieve. Marketing moves fast and we stay agile thanks to a process that encourages collaboration every step of the way.


Content is important in marketing


Promotion and Evaluation

A piece of content can hit the jackpot and find a huge audience, but the best content marketers in the business rely on consistency. They build an audience by finding a format people like, tweaking it in accordance with feedback, and sticking with it as they gain momentum.

But in an age of diminished organic reach, having a plan in place to promote content intelligently can accelerate this process. Paid promotion can be valuable not just because it expands your reach, but because it gives you a wealth of new data about what headlines or ads attract attention and which audiences have an affinity for your content.

This gets at something else that’s vital to making good content – honest evaluation and iteration. At Alpha Co. Marketing, this process is baked into our marketing methodology. We look closely at how any piece of content performed and feed our insights back into the next round of strategy and creation. It can feel like luck when content picks up steam – but we find that this discipline lets us get more lucky, more often.