Did you know that 62% of clients looking for a lawyer start their search online? This is why Law Firm Marketing is becoming more and more competitive. Thousands of lawyers are redirecting their marketing efforts toward comprehensive digital marketing solutions. As an attorney, now is the time to up your game, gain a competitive advantage in the legal industry, and partner up with a law firm marketing agency that will get you the leads and clients your business needs.

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A Ruthless Industry That Not Everyone Understands 

The legal industry is already a ruthless one and Law Firm Marketing is no exception. Countless other law firms are offering the same services that you do, how can you effectively capture your client’s attention? 

Not all marketing agencies will get you the results that you desire, but there is a set of techniques specifically designed for law firm marketing: 

  • The first thing a law firm marketing agency must do is help you set a Law Firm Marketing Budget

It can vary depending on the size of your law firm, the type of law that you practice, your location, and other factors. 

Approximately, small law firms allocate 2-5% of their gross revenue to their law firm marketing budget, medium law firms 5-10%, and large law firms 10-20%.

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Based on your Law Firm Marketing Budget, you can discuss which marketing techniques you want to implement.

The digital marketing world is extensive. There are techniques for every need your business has. But as a lawyer, you should focus on SEO for Lawyers.

If you are not familiar with those terms, SEO for Lawyers relates to the keywords you select that apply to your business as a whole, it tends to include: the services that you offer + location, the type of law that you practice among others.

If SEO for Lawyers is performed correctly, it can help your law firm rank way higher on Google, which will translate into more organic traffic to your website. 

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  • Other law firm marketing techniques, such as PPC for Lawyers

PPC for Lawyers is a service provided by law firm marketing agencies. It stands for paid-per-click, it essentially means that you get shown first on Google or Google products and you pay every time someone clicks on it.

PPC is also a very profitable option. Let’s say you pay $2 a click which gets you $700 in revenue. At the same time, you have to spend quite a bit of time perfecting your PPC campaign, as Google’s algorithm is constantly changing.

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Are you Looking Forward to Working Alongside a Law Firm Marketing Agency?

Then look no further! At Alpha Co. Marketing and Media, we specialize in Law Firm Marketing. Our comprehensive marketing techniques are designed to get our legal clients the best results. We thoroughly analyze your case and advise you on what can work best for you. We have a track record of successful law industry clients who are enjoying the results of our marketing efforts. Contact our law firm marketing agency today!

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