A steady flow of clients is key for any law firm. But how do you get there? Word of mouth can do wonders for legal practices and professionals, but it can only go so far. Firms looking to increase their client base may want to consider partnering up with a digital marketing agency for law firms. In this article, we’ll break down the three main advantages of working with digital marketing experts who specialize in the legal field. What are you waiting for?

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Is Digital Marketing Important for Lawyers?

In today’s digitized world, our interactions online are equally as important as those offline, if not more. It begs the question: if you are not online, are you really there at all? And, say that you are, if people can’t reach you, you might as well not be. The math is easy: presence plus exposure equals leads. Now, how you get the leads to convert, that is with another winning formula: stellar service paired with an effective digital marketing campaign.

What Can a Digital Marketing Agency for Law Firms Do?

Digital marketing experts know exactly how to find your target audience… and deliver it to you. A digital marketing agency for law firms tailors campaigns online to position your services and bring in the leads. They can do that by:

  • Designing and implementing your website
  • Creating law-specific digital content like blog posts and newsletters
  • Leveraging their SEO expertise in the content to attract organic traffic to your website
  • Managing your reviews online
  • Creating social media campaigns
  • Managing email campaigns

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3 Advantages of Partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency for Law Firms

With an overview of what a digital marketing agency for law firms can do, here are 3 advantages of pairing with one.

1. They Put You on The Map… Literally

Law firms need a strong local online presence. Digital marketing agencies optimize business profiles on Google to put them on Google Maps and harness the power of local SEO so that your community can find you. 

2. A Digital Marketing Agency for Law Firms Takes You To The Top… of Google Rankings

Did you know that the first organic result on a search results page has an average click-through rate of 27.6%? Therefore, getting your content to the top of the organic results page on browsers like Google is essential. 

Digital marketing experts know exactly how to do that. This is especially true for those specializing in legal marketing. They are familiar with the jargon, but know when to pull back to reach the clients. 

Also, websites don’t convert prospects into clients. Agencies have teams of expert web designers and content writers whose synergy takes your content to the top of the organic results rankings on Google.

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3. Reduce Your Ads Spending

Google Ads bring in leads, but do those leads become customers? More often than not, Ads end up becoming a money pit when not handled correctly. 

Digital marketing agencies that specialize in law firms have the know-how to find and leverage the keywords that work specifically for your needs. Also, they are constantly up to date with the algorithm changes implemented, so that your campaigns never fall behind.

This way, by pairing with a digital marketing agency for law firms you are spending more wisely and efficiently. The result? An increased ROI and many happy new customers.

Why Choose Alpha Co. Marketing & Media

Alpha Co. Marketing & Media is a full-suite bilingual, Spanish-English law firm digital marketing agency that specializes in creating effective campaigns for both fast-growing and established law firms. Our legal content writers have years of experience in creating tailor-made campaigns that take law firms to the top.

Our highly specialized boutique operation satisfies our customers’ unique needs. On top of all, we also target the Hispanic community to diversify your client base.

Partnering with Alpha Co. Media means delegating your marketing efforts to a knowledgeable team well-suited to rise to the occasion and take your business to new digital (and measurable) heights.

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