Texas is one of the wealthiest states in the country. Dallas, Houston, and Austin have surpassed San Francisco for cities with the highest purchasing power in the United States. If your business is located in Texas, with the right marketing strategies, it is bound to succeed. It doesn’t matter the type of business that you are in. Texas SEO can help you enhance your online presence, and get more leads that will eventually translate into new prospects. Are you ready to embark on your new digital journey? 

Texas SEO

Interesting fact: 76% of consumers that search for something local on their phone visit a store that same 🙀

What is Texas SEO?

Texas SEO refers to a type of Local SEO specifically directed to companies that are located in this state and aim to optimize online visibility in local search results. Moreover, it is an amazing tool to increase localized traffic, leads, and brand equity. Some of the most important tasks in both local SEO and Texas SEO consist of:

  • Researching and identifying relevant local keywords: Keyword research is the process of finding out what and how customers search for what they intend to buy. By finding out how customers interact with search engines in local queries, you get a grasp on the keywords. You should use those to your advantage to effectively target those customers looking for what you offer.

Let’s say you are a personal injury lawyer located in Houston. The keyword “Personal injury lawyer” is related to your practice, but in more detail so are the keywords “Personal Injury lawyer in Houston, Texas”. By doing this, those potential customers looking to hire an attorney in this specific area will be able to find you much more quickly.

🧐Did you know? 46% of searches on Google have local intent

Some Other Tools of Texas SEO

Nevertheless, there are other ways to up your local SEO game. Google has the option to set up a Google Business Profile. If you don’t have one already, we encourage you to create one, taking into consideration these steps:

  • Use keywords relevant to your business or practice
  • Try to make it as complete as possible: include pictures and descriptions. 
  • Encourage your current customers to leave reviews. Positive reviews help your ranking
  • Don’t forget your information! Address, phone number, email. This will help possible prospects easily contact you

NAP and Local Citations

NAP stands for the 3 most important pieces of information about your business: Name, Address, and Phone. Each of these elements is vital contact information that potential customers need to contact you.

NAP data is commonly shared as part of any online mention of your business, most of them you haven’t even created yourself:

Have you participated with your business in a local fair? Has your business had media coverage of any sort? In these cases, NAP citations have been created without you even noticing.

The more of these citations you have, the bigger the SEO benefits you receive and the more online visibility you gain. 

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